For Chuck

Dear tender heart, dear restless soul

How hard it is to let thee go

Your murmured prayers

Our bitter tears

Seem helpless ‘neath the hammered blows

The last long moments, tended sure

By angels holding Father’s face

To see thy limbs,

Thy heart, thy self

Be healed by such costly Grace.

And now we yearn, and weep and rage

Our grief aroused until ‘tis spent

Exhausted thus

At last we know

Redeemed, remade thou didst present

For Chuck Parker


Thanks to MD

Author: hsderkin

H. Scott Derkin, winner of the prestigious Delizon Publishers Annual Short Story Competition in 2013 lives and works in Toledo, Ohio with his wife Carol and a scruffy miniature poodle mix named Dylanbob. By not taking in to account his shortcomings, Carol has managed to stay with him for 48 years. Derkin pursues his livelihood there in a prosaic trade. He may be found summers at the helm of his sailboat, making passage around the islands of western Lake Erie; and in the time not taken up by working, writing and sailing, Derkin might be found playing drums and recording blues, country and rock & roll music with his friends.

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