It’s All Part of The Plan

I told my brother today about the End Of The World (EOTW). Specificially “The Rapture” as predicted by Harold Camping. Of “Family” Radio.

“So what’s gonna happen if C (my wife) is raptured and you ain’t? It’ll be like, ‘Hey! Where’s C? Hey! Don’t leave without me! Come back!’”

“Yeah, very funny.” I said.

OK, maybe I have decided that I will get a new car before 521. At least if something does happen, I will have the car for a few weeks and then I won’t have to pay for it. From the sounds of it, though, that will be cold comfort. Here’s what happens to those left behind according to Harold (henceforth ATH). This is rough:

The Non-Elect Who Are Still Alive on May 21, 2011
“This group of people, which is very large, normally would have heard the warning that the end of the world is almost here. Yet they paid no attention to it. They paid no attention to it because they did not believe that the Bible is the Word of God. Or they paid no attention to the warning because they implicitly trusted the teachings of their church, that is, Christ would come as a thief in the night, and therefore, they need not be concerned with what they believed were false teachings about the return of Christ. Or more likely, in their love for this world, they paid no attention to the warning because they did not want this world to end.
For more than 1,900 years, the Bible taught that Christ would come as a thief in the night, and He has not come. Therefore, many people think it is reasonable to believe that He will not come to end this world for at least another 100 years or more. Thus, they can be assured that they will continue to enjoy this world throughout their normally expected lifetime. But when an exact date is given, a date that is only a few years in the future, that is completely unacceptable to them. Therefore, they absolutely do not want to listen to the information we have now received from the Bible.
As additional punishment for the people who have heard the warning and refused to heed it, this group of people will enter, physically alive, into the horrible five-month period called the Day of Judgment, which begins with the rapture of the true believers on May 21, 2011. They will see people being raptured while they are left behind. They will be weeping and gnashing their teeth at God in anger. Moreover, for a period of five months, they will be subject to grievous pain caused by plagues that will begin with a huge earthquake that will occur on the first day. If they die during this five-month period, and a great many probably will, their dead bodies will litter the ground. Finally, on October 21, 2011, the whole universe, including the earth and all its works, will be burned up, and they will never again become alive.”
-From Chapter 5 of “To God Be the Glory!” by HC

I told you this would be rough. I do have, not surprisingly, a few comments about this selection. I am intrigued about HC’s use of the word “normally” in the very first sentence. “Normally” they would have heard the warning? As if they just weren’t paying attention this time (were there other times?)?

The reasons he gives are really not simple distractions, like being stoned – clearly Dr. Hook and The Medicine Show will have missed the warning – or having to work, or falling asleep during that part of the show. The reasons he gives are much more deliberate and arrogant: disbelief, listening to the teachings of that great whore, The Church, and simply, love of life and this world.

As if it were not enough punishment to be left behind, to see all (some of) your friends, and maybe people you would have never imagined in a million years be among the elect and get taken up to heaven in a cloud of glory; did you get the part about the left-behinds having to endure a 5 month period of the worst kind of nastiness, with “grievous pain caused by plagues that will begin with a huge earthquake that will occur on the first day.”?

The earthquake is a nice touch and a little bit freaky in light of the number of online references to the New Madrid Fault, the recent increasing seismic and other weird activity along that fault line, and the plans FEMA has for a mid-May 2011 “earth quake disaster exercise”. I’ll leave you to follow your own path of misery in the search engines and to wade through the stuff you find, and to determine for yourself what to make of it.

Potentially even more disturbing is the stuff that HC lays out in a section of this pamphlet (available online; go getcha one – that sounds a whole lot like zombies:

The Resurrection of the Unsaved Dead
“We have learned that when a non-elect person dies, he is dead both in body and in soul. Moreover, he will never again come to life. The Bible nowhere speaks of the unsaved who have died as ever living again. But there are a few verses that at least infer that they will live again so that they can further experience the wrath of God. We should carefully examine these verses. We will learn that these verses show us how shame on the unsaved continues all the way to the last day of this world’s existence.”

He goes on from here with a bunch of Bible verses that don’t really clear things up for me as to what the unsaved dead will be like when they are resurrected, or if (in contradiction to the header of this section) they will be alive at all. Mainly just that they will be “shamed” by their corruptibility. If you’re dead, how can you feel shame? I have heard of “dying of shame” and being “‘bout shamed to death.” Usually accompanied by a back of the hand to the forehead and a rolling of the eyes, but I don’t think that is what is in view here.

I also want to say that it is kind of funny how spell check wants to change ‘raptured’ into ‘ruptured’.

Still want to get to: The Lamed-Vovnik, and their possible role.

Author: hsderkin

H. Scott Derkin lives with his wife and a scruffy miniature poodle mix on the banks of a river in NW Michigan. By not taking into account his shortcomings, his wife has managed to stay with him for over half a century.

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