Toledo Man Big Fat Liar

Obsessive compulsions distress friends – ruin holiday

(June 28, 2002) – A vacationing man from Toledo, Ohio has caused heartbreak and distrust among his family and friends, ruining what was otherwise an idyllic OBX holiday. His misrepresentation of facts regarding a tragic accident in Rodanthe has left several Columbus, Ohio couples and their children in a state of shocked disbelief.

HS Derkin, 42, of Toledo, Ohio reportedly lied about the incident as he and two Columbus, Ohio couples were wrapping up their stay at a summer cottage in Rodanthe.

“We all had seen the helicopters flying over the beach and seen the rescuers searching for someone the night before we had to leave. All we asked Derkin to do was check at the realty office next day when he dropped off the key to see what had happened.” said TF, 65, of Columbus.

Apparently the report Derkin got from the agent (later proved false as well) was unsatisfying and he felt compelled to embellish what was already an untruth.

“Yeah, well, Derkin – if that’s his real name – came back with this story about two guys down the beach having a beef and challenging each other to a swimming contest.” said Mrs. TF. “I should have known. The man is incapable of telling the truth – like most men. The day before he had told me that a man who had been pulled form the surf almost drowned had his legs bitten off by a shark. I just don’t think that is funny in the least.”

Mr. F. was almost apoplectic as he made the following comments: “When Derkin came ‘clean’ and admitted that the real estate agent had indicated the rescue activity was due to a report of a floating body in the area, I was enraged at the waste of taxpayer dollars being spent in such a wasteful way. Let the damn thing wash up on the beach! It was probably just a porpoise, anyway. When I heard the truth, I was so upset I couldn’t control my bowels.”

The agent, “Swinging” Dick Peters of Duck, NC is a well known local figure. He is president of the social club, ‘People of the Marsh’, and organizer of the local Marsh Pride Parade, an annual event. What his motivation was in lying to Derkin about the incident is unclear. He was charged with malicious perfidy and released “OR”.

Derkin had never visited the area before, and apparently was unaware of the local regulations regarding dissembling and prevarication. A bench warrant has been issued for his arrest, should he ever return.

Derkin’s wife, C, reached by phone at the couple’s home in Toledo, Ohio said “I’m so ashamed. He does this everywhere we go. He has made my life a living hell.”

Derkin himself was unavailable for comment. “I can’t seem to wake him up.” his wife said.

Author: hsderkin

H. Scott Derkin lives with his wife and a scruffy miniature poodle mix on the banks of a river in NW Michigan. By not taking into account his shortcomings, his wife has managed to stay with him for over half a century.

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